Mr & Mrs M Wedding Games

Entertainment & Musicians in Somerset West - Cape Town

As a team of young, fun & vibrant professionals situated in the Cape Winelands – Mr & Mrs M provide a fantastic service that solves a ‘challenge’ most bridal couples will face on their wedding day. It’s epic fun, affordable and entertaining for guests both young and not so young.

By utilising some of the best lawn games available to humans, we provide a fun and fantastic service for that rather awkward time at every wedding – “The Photo Hour”. You know, that 60-90 min grave yard shift between the ceremony and reception where the bride & groom disappear for photos and friends & family are all left standing around like introverts at a sales convention? Well, that’s where we come in! By the time they get back from taking wedding selfies, their guests will have to be dragged to the reception. We’ll break that ‘stranger-danger’ awkwardness quicker than it takes you to say “I do”. Our friendly team is what makes us amazing, the games are simply the tools we use. We’ll get your friends and family bonding in no time! Believe us, we’re extroverts.

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