Ivan’s White Doves

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Doves mate for life, and therefore symbolize love, peace and joy. Tradition holds that if white doves are seen on your wedding day, a happy home is assured. Ivan's doves are released within a 50km radius from their home, going as far as Paarl, Franschhoek, Wellington, Darling and any distance in between! These healthy and well-groomed homed birds will always make their way back to their lofts once released. They are used to human contact and photos can be taken with the newly-weds after the ceremony as they release the doves. Ivan will always liaise with the photographer to capture some memorable pictures. These popular babies have been filmed twice on Top Billing, film shoots and international music videos! Ivan will arrive an hour before the wedding ceremony to set up and settle the doves. The cost varies depending on the number of birds required and the point of release. The table, white cloth and cages are included in the rate.
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