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Videographers in Strand - Cape Town

We are wedding videographers based in Cape Town. Our wedding videos are unique and our wedding videography style is emotive, cinematic and modern. Being engaged really changed our perspective with regards to what couples really want from their wedding service providers. We really thought that we were providing a fantastic service up to date (and with a 95% positive review rate, we had the backing of our clients as well) but after dealing with numerous service providers from a couple’s point of view, we realized that we could drastically improve on the service that we provide.

Having experienced the pitfalls that so many wedding videographers and other wedding service providers (including ourselves) have fallen into, we have decided to completely revamp the very core of who we are.

We restructured completely and created more affordable wedding videography packages in the process – all without compromising on our quality. Why? We want to share YOUR special day with you and not be the reason that you went over budget.

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