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published by Laura Perchoc on the 17, Jul, 2017

Finding your venue should be the first thing on your list when planning a wedding and you should start your research as early as possible to avoid disappointment. Keep a close eye on your budget when looking for a venue, as this is a very big part of the final cost.

1. Does it offer space for the ceremony as well as the reception?

2. What is included in the venue hire? Tables, chairs, cutlery, table cloths, etc. Remember that if the venue offers very little, you will have to hire items, which will cost you money.

3. What does the venue offer? Catering, bar, staff, lighting, etc.

4. Think about your wedding photos, do you like the décor and the gardens?

5. Do they supply wine or can you bring your own, if so, do they charge corkage?

6. What limitations do they have in terms of liquor license, sound restrictions, smoking, and so on?

7. Is there accommodation, on-site or close by?

8. Does everything fit in the venue? Guests, tables, chairs, DJ booth, dance floor, etc.

9. Are there facilities for disabled guests?

10. Are there any obstructions? Columns, curtains, speakers, etc. You want to keep a clear view for guests during the speeches, cutting of the cake, the first dance, and all the ‘main moments’.

11. Think about power, plugs, extensions, restrictions, etc.

12. Are there enough toilets for the number of guests you plan to invite?

13. Is it a private venue and do you have exclusivity of the venue? You might not want to share your day with strangers walking by or partying next door.

14. Is there a view, and do you like it?

15. Does the décor and general feel of the venue fit with your theme? You may not like everything in the venue, but if you can remove the items you don’t like it could be perfect. Find out if that would be possible.

16. Is there enough parking? Buses, limo, guests, etc.

17. Read the contract and all terms and conditions carefully.

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