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published by Laura Perchoc on the 28, Aug, 2017

Today we chat to Robyn from Robyn Roberts Studio based in Cape Town. Incredible woman, incredible talent, and incredible dresses… Some call her the very best designer around! Let’s hear her story in the wedding industry.

What do you love most about weddings? What is your favourite part of the job?

What I love most about my job is that by making wedding dresses we are making brides happy. To receive emails and photographs after the wedding day is most rewarding.
I enjoy that fashion trends influence the styles I design for the brides so that the designs are ever changing from year to year.
To work with such a variety of clientele: different body shapes, nationalities and themes of weddings. This makes every day interesting and varied. I enjoy the extensive range of fabrics on offer and enjoy exploring alternative combinations of fabrics.

What inspires you?

What inspires me is using lines, shades and textures that best flatter a client’s body and personality. I thoroughly enjoy scanning the internet for international and local trends that inspire me. Browsing through fabrics shops and markets locally and abroad is most exciting.

When and how did you start out in the industry?

I studied fashion design for three years straight after high school. I was fortunate to work at 4 varied clothing companies before deciding to start my own bridalwear studio.

Do you have a bridal wear signature style?

I would describe my bridal wear signature style as elegant, feminine and sometimes minimalist.

What is the best compliment you’ve ever received?

The best compliment was that I was the very best designer around!

Is there anything or anyone in particular that inspires you?

I have always been inspired by Audrey Hepburn’s beautiful sense of timeless style.

What is your philosophy?

I strive to love and serve people in the best possible way through dressing them in a way that suits them best for their special wedding day.

Should a couple email you regarding their wedding, what information do you suggest they include in their first request?

When a bride contacts me initially, I need to know her wedding date and her approximate budget to guide me in the consultation process.

Any tips for brides who are looking for the perfect wedding dress?

A good tip when choosing your wedding dress would be to bring along a suitable pair of shoes of the correct height and seamless, control underwear. Also would be best to not bring along more than 2 guests to the fittings.

Photographers: Jenni Elizabeth, Debbie Lourens, Libella Photography, Illuminate, Kristi Agier, Yolande Marx.


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