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published by Laura Perchoc on the 19, Jun, 2017

Erin Greyling from Erin’s Wedding Lab is an incredibly talented dressmaker based in Somerset West, Cape Town. She has agreed to answer a few questions in regards to wedding dresses and her experience in the wedding industry.

What do you love most about weddings? What is your favourite part of the job?

I just love dealing with brides and seeing how happy they are. There is no better feeling you get when a bride puts on her custom made dress and you see the tears in her and her bridal party’s eyes and you know that you did that. I still get goose bumps every time. It gives me great satisfaction to know the bride has one less thing to worry about. I enjoy taking the journey with the bride of making her dream gown.

What inspires you?

Everything, I like to take inspiration out of life, the small things we do every day, there is so much beauty in even the things we think are mundane.

When and how did you start out in the industry?

I studied fashion design, pattern construction and garment construction from 2003 to 2005, after which I worked in fashion imports for 6 years supplying major fashion retailers in South Africa. After that I opened Erin’s Wedding lab in 2013. I started with just wedding dresses and built myself up from there. I now hold stock for clients to purchase or rent and our main focus is on custom dresses that I design with my brides.

Do you have a bridal wear signature style?

I try to make sure I stock different style of dresses to the main stream so that I can offer my clients unique styles. I don’t supply dresses from a catalogue although we can make these but rather want to give my brides a choice of unique dresses that no one has been seen in. I design these dresses myself and try to make sure they are different.

What is the best compliment you’ve ever received?

Every compliment makes me feel so special I feel like I become a part of the wedding. My goal is to make my brides feel like a princess and if they tell me I did that then I know I did my job.

Is there anything or anyone in particular that inspires you?

I find inspiration from different fabrics and lace, and unique fashion styles.

What is your philosophy?

My philosophy is to work my way back from what the client loves and wants to then design their perfect dress while still being innovative and keeping with their requirements.

Should a couple email you regarding their wedding, what information do you suggest they include in their first request?

I would like to know the date of the wedding, the budget for a dress, there dress size and what style they love.

Any tips for brides who are looking for the perfect wedding dress?

Come and see me to find your perfect wedding dress shape, it is important to get the shape that most suits you and shows off your best assets. At Erin’s wedding lab I will help you achieve this.

Erin is not sure who the photographers are for all the above photos, but some of the names are on the individual photos.

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  1. Nice to read your blog, the bride frocks were really beautiful and elegant manner which is unique to one another. Could you give an idea about how many days prior to the wedding date we need to book your services?

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