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published by Laura Perchoc on the 12, Jun, 2017

Thalia and John Oosthuizen had a beautiful and intimate backyard wedding on 5 January 2017. They invited 36 of their close family and friends to celebrate the love with them. What a beautiful love story they have, very inspiring! But enough of me talking, let’s hear what the bride herself has to say…

How did the two of you meet?

John had been running his wedding DJ company for 18 years and decided that he wanted to diversify his team and hire a female DJ. I responded to the job application, and met with John at a Vida Café. We got along famously, chatting about music that we love, our favorite artists and songs – it felt more like coffee with a best friend than a job interview. John hired me on the spot. Our first training function was two weeks later, and from that night, we were inseparable. After the function, which was a wedding, John and I packed up the equipment (incredibly slowly), chatting the whole time. By the time we had FINALLY packed the equipment away, it was 2am! Not wanting the conversation to end, we spent another 2 hours chatting in the car before sadly returning to our own homes. I woke up the next morning to a message from John, and I was thrilled that he wanted to see me again the next day! That was four years ago. Our love for music drew us together and has kept us together ever since.

Tell us about the proposal?

Being very simple people who love simple things, John proposed in the BEST way possible. He put the ring onto our cat’s collar. He brought Boris (the cat) to me saying “Boris wants to ask you something”. He placed Boris on my lap and I said, “what is it, my boy?” … And John said: “Boris wants to know if you will marry me.” Of course the answer was yes and only cemented further when I saw the ring on Boris’s collar. Best moment ever!

Describe your wedding day.

We wanted to have a small wedding with only closest friends and family, and we got exactly what we wanted. A small wedding of 36 guests, with a mint and white colour theme in my parents back garden. My mom and sister planned everything to perfection. Considering I left it all in their hands – for real, I had virtually no input (by choice) – they could not have planned a wedding more fitting for John and me. The ceremony was at 10am, performed by the same minister who officiated the first wedding we DJ’d at. Our guests came from near and far (really far in some cases – Australia, America, Zimbabwe) to share our special day with us in the ideal intimate setting. John’s wonderful sister, Carolyn, read a beautiful poem that had everyone tearing up. After the ceremony we had a high tea style brunch with the most delectable finger foods, fit for a king!

What was your colour scheme or theme?

We had a white and mint theme. The bridesmaids wore mint dresses, and the groomsmen wore white shirts. The table cloths and small décor items were in mint and white, and because we were going for a rustic feel, my mom incorporated driftwood and lots of natural décor.

How did you feel just before you walked down the aisle?

I got told I would probably feel nervous, but to be honest, it felt like the obvious next step – we already bought a house together, ran a business together, bought a car together, had cats together – so marriage seemed so natural. But I was excited to finally share John’s last name and join the Oosthuizen clan.

Most memorable part of your wedding?

Laughing throughout the day – John and I spent so much of the ceremony and reception just smiling and laughing. It was a joyous and precious occasion with such wonderful friends and family, and it was so easy to wear a smile all day.

What was the funniest thing that happened on the day?

Our confetti was bird seeds (my mom wanted “her” birds to fill her back garden the next day) and when the seeds were thrown, John and I ended up wearing most of the seeds INSIDE our outfits… and because a wedding dress is not the easiest thing to take off in the middle of your reception, I walked around with bird seed tickling me all day. It was also pretty funny when John took off my garter – I almost fell off the chair from laughing so hard!

How long did you have to plan your wedding? Was it enough time?

John and I got engaged in October 2015 and married in January 2017. It was definitely enough time to do all of the planning – my mom and sister did most of the planning in the last 3 months and did an amazing job.

What or who helped you the most with your wedding plans?

My mom and my sister planned everything, from flowers to décor, food and make up, nails and drinks. They should go into business – they were spectacular!

Do you have any advice for couples currently planning their wedding?

Take your time, and stay true to who you are. Don’t let your family pressure you into inviting people you don’t feel should be there. Keep it small – just close friends and family.

Your honeymoon?

We went on a cruise from Durban to Mozambique in February – it was AMAZING!!! Neither of us had ever done a cruise before and we had so much fun. It was also our first time leaving the country together. We had so much fun learning about the culture in Mozambique, but also experiencing the cruise ship was great.

Thalia and John did not have an official photographer. Their friend, Gareth Evans, took photos for them.

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